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259LUXU-949 Rugge TV 936 Kawaguchi Tomoka 25 years old round girl


uploaded May 31st, 2018



May 31st, 2018




Beautiful Girl , Big Tits , Blowjob , Censored , Cowgirl , Cumshot , Doggy Style , Finger Fuck , Handjob




Watch Jav Porn It is Mr. Kawaguchi Tomoka, who will be the second performer who came today. Since we had a good reputation last time it was decided to appear again. Unchanged from last time, a wonderful proportion is alive. Everything, Mr. Tomoka, he seems to be careful about meal to maintain style, and he sometimes tolerates what he wants to eat. This outstanding proportion is the result of Mr. Tomoka's efforts. The reason I thought about appearing in the second shoot this time is that I could not forget the pleasantness of the last shooting and I thought that I would like to appear if I had the opportunity. . It seems that my boyfriend and baby boyfriend seemed to have only normal sex, but I heard that they were not particularly dissatisfied. However, since the last shoot, a desire for abnormal sex has come up, it seems that I wanted to do a variety of things, wanted to be fucked by a mess. Tomoka speaking that he likes to be blamed. It seems to be something that is usually forcibly pushed down or AV, which I usually see. The scene which is most excited with AV likes to be strangled or to be inserted to the back of the throat as the head is pressed down during a fellatio. It was that. I think that I will blame it thoroughly in order to make that wish come true in this shooting.本日お越しくださったのは二度目のご出演となります川口ともかさんです。前回評判が良かったので再度出演して頂くこととなりました。前回と変わりなく、素晴らしいプロポーションは健在でございます。なんでも、ともかさん、スタイルを維持するために食事に気を遣っているそうで、時には食べたいものを我慢したりもしているそうです。この抜群のプロポーションはともかさんの努力の賜物というわけですね。この度、二度目の撮影に出演しようと思ったきっかけは、前回の撮影の気持ち良さが忘れられず、また機会があれば出演したいと思っていたところ、誘いがあったので来てくださったそうです。今までの彼氏やセフレはノーマルなセックスばかりだったそうですが、それでも特に不満はなかったそうです。しかし前回の撮影以降、アブノーマルなセックスへの願望が湧いて来て、色々なことをやってみたい、めちゃくちゃに犯されたいと思うようになったそうです。責められるのが好きだと話すともかさん。普段見るAVも無理やり押し倒されたりするものや、レ○プものが好きなんだそう。AVで一番興奮するシーンは、首を絞められたり、フェラの際に頭を押さえつけられて喉奥まで挿れられるのが好き。ということでした。今回の撮影ではその願望を叶えるべく、徹底的に責めさせていただこうと思います。 on JavTC.com


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